Prem-I-Air 12-inch High Velocity Air Circulator

For a number of years after my Grandma popped her clogs, we had the use of her old Tefal Deskfan to keep us cool in our house during the warmer days.

Unfortunately last year that fan ceased to work too. Well, it still worked but the plastic used in it’s construction went off, got all brittle, had chunks fall off it, and the wire mesh fell off the front of it after the plastic no longer held on it via tension ‘cos a piece fell off.

I fixed it best I could with aluminium flashing tape, but then my Dad knocked it off again, and tried fixing it himself….. but as usual he lost patience with it, and smashed it up in a temper.

As the weather was starting to become uncomfortable again by the end of May, a search for a replacement was in order.

I opted for this Prem-i-Air High Velocity Air Circulator on the basis I already had one of their tower fans for a number of years, so that’s what I went for seeing as it was only £30.

It comes ready assembled in it’s own stand, and tilts on a click-wratchet system so it stays put and takes some effort to knock it out of position.

There’s a dial switch on the top-right of the fan that adjusts the speed: Off > Full Blast > Medium > Low

The rate it moves air given by the manufacturer is given in metric, but I worked out it translates to around 575cfm, and it’s supposed to blow air at around just slightly under the speed that would qualify as a Force3 on the Beaufort Scale.

The fan is fairly noisy, but no worse than an electric lawnmower or the average kitchen extractor hood.

Overall it’s a good buy, good value for money, well made, and works well at it’s intended job of keeping you cool.

I made an unboxing video, but as my computer recently went tits-up and I had to buy a replacement pc, I haven’t had chance to get it off the camera yet, let alone edit it + upload it to Youtube, I’ll add it here later I guess.

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